Defend Your Practice from Government Overreach

Give your health practice the freedom to operate the way you want, with a Private Membership Agreement (PMA).

Infringing on our Rights

Covid-19 showed how quickly the government is willing to take away the rights of small businesses.Alternative health practitioners were shut down, fined, and unable to help their clients.Due to the bureaucratic factors outside of your control, the survival of your practice was in jeopardy.

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Give your Practice Freedom with a PMA

Restructuring your organization into a Private Membership Association (PMA), removes you from the public domain and allows you to conduct your business privately.This means you are:
- Not subject to rules of regulatory agencies
- Not required to share your practice's financial or business records with third parties
- Not required to file annual reports to the government
- Able to operate your practice WHENEVER AND HOWEVER YOU CHOOSE

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Understanding PMAs
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